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Streamline work & enhance productivity with CAD

The eXCAD™ Interface simplifies the way you design and analyze electrical systems by utilizing the blocks and attributes already in the AutoCAD® drawing to automatically generate electrical models in ETAP to perform calculations and checks.


It provides engineering, construction and maintenance teams an automated interface to transfer CAD design seamlessly into ETAP’s intelligent electrical power system modeling & analysis.

  • Avoid duplicate / incorrect data entry
  • Boost Workflow efficiency
  • Direct communication with AutoCAD
  • Flexibility to use all ETAP modules for analysis
  • Improve engineering design quality
  • Work faster and more precisely
  • Validate the CAD designs with ETAP

Key Features

  • Automatically generate one-line diagrams​
  • Customizable Universal Mapping of AutoCAD blocks
  • Direct communication with AutoCAD
  • Data range & consistency checking
  • Import DWG drawings and attributes to ETAP
  • Intelligent intersection detect for connectivity
  • Synchronize engineering, construction, and maintenance teams​
  • Typical data substitution for missing parameters
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