Advanced Fault Analysis Software

Advanced Fault Analysis Software

Advanced Fault Analysis Software

Advanced Fault Analysis Software

The ETAP AFAS product provides Real-Time and after the fact analysis of electrical faults in your electrical system.  Using the ETAP digital twin combined with automatically extracted disturbance records, engineers have a clear picture of any electrical fault in the network.

Key Features

  • Automatic disturbance record extraction and grouping into a single incident
  • Email / SMS Notification and Alarming
  • Calculate and display critical information relating to the fault
  • Visualize all waveforms with advanced calculations
  • Automatic validation of the relay configuration settings and electrical digital twin

Advanced Fault Analysis Softwaren Flow

Fault Analysis

Using the proven analysis engines, the AFAS solution provides for fault identification by determining the fault type, start time, trip time, fault magnitudes, and fault impedances.  The signal injection features allow users to playback recorded data into the relay model to validate the as designed versus as found relay response.  The electrical digital twin is used to validate the system response by leveraging the Sequence of Operations engines to validate that the correct protection scheme was executed within the expected time cycles. 


Waveform Visualization

To further analyze an event, the waveform viewer is a full featured tool which offers engineers key insight into an event with signals provided by the disturbance recorder as well as key calculated signals available for analysis.




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