Load Flow Result Analyzer

Load Flow Software Result Analyzer

The Load Flow Result Analyzer compares and analyzes power flow study reports in a single view. You can compare the results of general information about a project or more specific information such as the electrical load flow calculation results for buses, branches, loads, or sources.

Load Flow Software Result Analyzer Key Features

  • Understand results of multiple studies in one glance
  • Compare & view multiple load flow study results in a single view
  • Analyze & compare load flow reports from multiple projects
  • Create a base line report & quickly identify deviations for all cases
  • View multiple bus, branch, load, & source results
  • Advanced alert & warning feature identifies & highlights overstressed components
  • Easily find components on one-line diagrams from the load flow analyzer view
  • Export summary view into Microsoft® Excel for maximum data flexibility & visualization
Load Flow Result Analyzer