Dimensionamiento de Cables

Cable Sizing - Thermal Analysis Software

The cable thermal analysis program calculates the minimum cable size for each cable that will carry the specified load current without violating the cable temperature limit. The cables considered as candidates for cable sizing by the thermal analysis application are the ones that are flagged as available cables in the Cable Library of the same cable type, that is, they have the same voltage, insulation, conductor type, etc., as the cable to be sized. Both cable size and cable capacity / ampacity can be updated from the Cable Ampacity and Cable Sizing calculations.

The cable sizing calculation is an iterative process involving repetitively adjusting the cable size and calculating cable temperature. The cable temperature calculation is done in the same way as the steady-state temperature calculation described on the Cable Steady-state Temperature Calculation page. If there are no available alternative sizes for a cable, the cable will be considered not changeable.

Calculation results are reported in the output report and the cables involved in the study are changed to reflect the new sizes if the Update Size option is checked in the study case.