Load Shedding System

Load Shedding System

Fast, Proactive, Reliable
An advanced smart load preservation solution must dynamically determine the optimal system response to a variety of system changes and disturbances.  Utilizing model-driven foundation with embedded predictive analytics, and optimization algorithms, ETAP's adaptive Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) solution makes Faster than Real-Time decisions.
Protection Against Production Losses
Diverts power from non-essential loads first, keeping production rate up and running.

Workforce Safety
Helps keep your most valuable resources safe by preserving power to critical safety gear.

Lower Costs
Reduces the need for power (spinning) reserve equipment and the fuel to power it.

ILS predicts the optimal load shedding scenario based on actual system dynamics,
making it the most intelligent solution available, hands down.

Load Shedding System Benefits & Advantages

  • Pro-Active vs. Reactive
    Goes beyond reactive load shedding when a disturbance is detected.
  • Optimal Load Preservation
    Determines how much load shedding is needed and in what optimal combination to prevent stress on the rest of the system.
  • Faster Load Shedding
    Responds to power disturbances instantaneously (no delay) from detection to load shed.
  • Intelligent Load Restoration
    Restores loads incrementally based on knowledge of process and electrical system interdependencies.
  • Smart Logic Validation
    Easily test and confirm load shedding logic schemes in real-time mode using integrated Transient Stability Analysis engine.
  • Reliable, Proven Technology
    Utilizes robust calculation methods designed on an open architecture platform that allow system-wide validation of load shedding schemes via simulation prior to field deployment.



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