Модуль оптимизации в электроэнергетических системах

Supervisory Control

Supervisory Control & Optimization

Control, Validation & Optimization
ETAP provides applications that supports operators and dispatchers to operate the electrical networks safely.  It includes validation tools for switching actions, machine operations, and more.  The optimization tools provide an optimal set points for the system to reduce losses and operate within security range.

Device Interlocks

Implement interlock schemes required during special system operating conditions including maintenance and outage modes. 

Before operation of a switching device, system performs: 

  • Validation of enforcement of switching interlock logics
  • Automatic pre-switching & post-switching logic verification
  • Interlock based on switching devices positions
  • Automatic interlock conflict checking
  • Ability to model cascade control of switching devices
  • Active monitoring of switching interlock violations
  • Switching plan validation against hazardous actions


Device Interlock

System Optimization

Power system optimization can be used to assist energy consumers to automatically operate the system and minimize system losses, reduce peak load consumption, or minimize control adjustment. For energy producers or co-generators, power system optimization can be set to minimize generation fuel cost, optimize power system operation, and maximize system security.

The appropriate application of system optimization leads to a more reliable and economical operation, while maintaining system voltages and equipment loading within the required range and constraints. System optimization provides intelligent load flow solutions to minimize system operating costs and maximize system performance while maximizing the value of your energy investment.
Objective Selection

Control Inhibits

Communication with field and maintenance crews is important during the execution of any activities in the field.  Work on components in the field must be tagged and informed to all operators and dispatchers and controls inhibited to prevent any accidents. In addition, affected components from work orders must also be tag and inhibited control.
  • Control inhibition with visual tags on diagrams & HMI screens
  • Scheduled control inhibition
  • Automatic inhibition by Switching & Work Order Management applications
  • Operator & Dispatcher Override
  • Operator Notes & Tag List Manager
OperNoteControl Inhibit

Control System Simulator

Control System Simulator is an automated testing tool for control and instrumentation systems. This is achieved through customizable mapping of control device settings (governor, exciter, etc.) within ETAP and continuously simulating the system response.

  • Evaluate control system settings
  • Reduce control system commissioning time
  • Design more efficient & robust controls
  • Operator training for emergency situations
  • User-defined dynamic models
Control System Simulator



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