NF C15-100 - French Standard

NF C15-100

NF C15-100 - French Standard

Fast & Accurate Cable Sizing per French Standard
ETAP NF C15-100 Cable Sizing & Shock Protection software module offers a powerful tool to save time and improve accuracy for  low voltage cable calculation and electrical design using the latest French Cable Standard.
NFC-15-100 French Standards
  • Quickly & accurately size cables per compliance with the latest NF C15-100 std.
  • Complete Sizing & Electric Shock Protection module
  • Cable libraries per NF C15-100 regulation cable types
  • Integrated with load flow, short circuit & protective device coordination modules
  • Simulation & alerts based cable size adequacy using 'what if' scenarios
  • Intelligent cable current carrying capacity assessment & temperature correction
  • Current carrying capacity evaluation for various cable layouts
NFC 15-100 Standard Cable Capacity Software

Cable Raceway Installations

The capacity calculation program handles both aboveground (A/G) and underground (U/G in duct and buried) installations.

  • A/G Conduit
  • A/G Trays (perforated or unperforated)
  • Air Drop (suspended or on insulators)
  • Architrave/Window Frame
  • Brackets
  • Building Voids
    • In Building
    • Conduit
    • Cable ducting
    • Ceiling
    • Suspended floor
  • Channel (open or ventilated)
  • Ladder
  • Masonry (in cable ducting)
  • Open and Clipped Direct (on wall or under ceiling)
  • Trunking (on wall, suspended, or flush floor)
  • U/G Buried (direct or in conduit)
  • U/G Duct (in ground)
  • Wire Mesh



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