NF C13-200 – French Standard

NF C13-200

NF C13-200 – French High Voltage Standard

Cable French Standard for Current Carrying Capacity & Cable Sizing for High Voltage Power Cables
ETAP NF C13-200 offers a comprehensive and precise module for conducting cable current carrying capacity, voltage drop, fault rating and cable power loss calculations in compliance with the latest high voltage French Standard.
NF C13-200
  • Quickly & accurately calculate cable sizes
  • Integrated with load flow, short circuit & protective device coordination modules
  • Simulation & alerts based cable size adequacy using 'what if' scenarios
  • Intelligent cable current carrying capacity assessment & temperature correction
  • Current carrying capacity evaluation for various cable layouts
  • Cable libraries per NF C13-200 regulation cable types

Cable Raceway Installations

The capacity calculation program handles both aboveground (A/G) and underground (U/G in duct and buried) installations.

  • A/G Conduit (In Surface-Mounted Ducting, In Masonry).
  • A/G Trays (Perforated or Unperforated)
  • Air Drop (Suspended).
  • Embedded Direct(Unburied Cells/Blocks/Monoliths)
  • Brackets
  • Channel (Open or Ventilated and Closed and Unfilled with Sand)
  • Ladder
  • Masonry (In Cable Ducting)
  • Open and Clipped Direct (On Wall or Under Ceiling)
  • Trunking (On Wall)
  • U/G Buried (Sand Filled Channel, No Mechanical Protection, With Mechanical Protection, In Conduit, Sheaths/Monoliths)
  • U/G Duct (In Ground)
  • Wire Mesh
  • Movable Installation (Machines with Drum Winding)

Cable Raceway Installations

Cable & Tray Layout

  • Flat layout – Touching or Spaced
  • Trefoil layout – Touching or Spaced
  • Number of Layers
  • Circuit Clearance
  • Depth of Laying
  • Horizontal Tray Layout
  • Vertical Tray Layout
  • Number of Turns
  • Single - Drum Type
  • Multiple – Drum Type
  • Exposed to Solar Rays
  • Occupation Factor

Alert for Allowable Capacity

Alerts are provided to the user when a critical situation occurs. A critical situation may deteriorate the cable and tremendously reduce its lifetime. The alerts in ETAP can be based on the options listed below.

  • Based on the calculated cable capacity
  • User-defined value
  • Based on thermal analysis results of the underground raceway systems module


Grouping Factors

The cable capacity simulation program for above ground (trays and ladder) and underground (duct and buried) calculates the current carrying capability of a cable based on number of circuits as well as rows and columns as limited based on the standard.


Soil Resistivity & Temperature Correction

The soil thermal resistivity is an important thermal parameter for underground installations. ETAP computes the cable capacity based on the ambient and conductor temperatures. In addition, the user can enter the actual operating temperature of the cable and the current carrying capability will be adjusted accordingly.

Additional Derating Factor

If the cable is expected to have an above ground installation and exposed to solar rays, an additional derating factor is applicable.


Cable Sizing per NF C15-100 & NF C13-200

Cable Sizing per NF C15-100 & NF C13-200

Cable Sizing & Shock Protection software module offers a powerful tool to save time and improve accuracy for low & high voltage cable calculation and electrical design using the latest French Cable Standard.


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