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Modeling & Analysis Solution


NetPM™ - Network Project Modeling & Management

NetPM provides a platform for simultaneous modeling and analysis using smart management tools to shorten a power system modeling and study from months to weeks.
  • Team-based Engineering Collaboration in Local Network or Cloud
  • Synchronization with etapAPP™ Field Data Collection App
  • Increase Engineering Design Quality
  • Improve Productivity
  • Accelerate Project Schedules

Arc Flash Analysis

ETAP Arc Flash Analysis suite provide a complete solution to identify and analyze high risk arc flash areas in your electrical system.
  • AC & DC Arc Flash - IEEE 1584-2018, NFPA 70E
  • ArcFault™ - High Voltage Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash Calculators

Star™ & StarZ™ - Protection & Selectivity

Comprehensive protection & coordination software for steady-state and dynamic device coordination, protection, and testing. Star software suite offers insight into system protection evaluation and system-wide protective device operation with intelligent rule-based auto-evaluation design tool and powerful capabilities to troubleshoot false trips, protective device mis-operation, mis-coordination, and more.
  • Overcurrent Protective Device Coordination & Selectivity
  • Automated Protection & Coordination
  • Transmission & Distribution Protection – Distance Relay
  • Sequence-of-Operation
  • Protective Device Library

Renewable Solutions

Comprehensive renewable energy models combined with full spectrum power system analysis calculations for accurate static and dynamic simulation, equipment sizing, grid interconnection studies (grid code compliance assessment) and field verification of wind and solar farms.
  • Design and analyze solar farms and wind parks
  • Microgrid modeling and design
  • Wind & PV integration impact on transmission grid
  • Renewable source impact on distribution grid as Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

Distribution Network Analysis

Integrated network planning and simulation tools for electrical distribution networks using intelligent schematic or geospatial foundations.
  • Intelligent Geospatial Diagram
  • Unbalanced System Network Analysis
  • System Reliability, Optimization & Control
  • Loss Minimization & Load Balancing
  • Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration

eProtect™ - Protection & Asset Management

Enterprise Asset and Protective Relay Settings Management Solution with integrated Advanced Fault Analysis System (AFAS™).
  • Relay Setting Workflow
  • Protection Visualization & Evaluation
  • Health Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Automated Fault Analysis System
Transportation Solution

Transportation Solutions

Integrated power system network analysis and power management suite for diverse applications like marine, AC & DC railways and aerospace.
  • eTraX™ - Railway Solution for Signaling & Traction Power
  • Solutions for design and operation of airport facilities
  • Design and operation tools for marine vessels, FPSO & shipbuilding

Power System Management & Control Center


PSMS™ - Power Management System - Monitoring & Simulation

Model-driven monitoring provides an intuitive real-time visualization and analyses platform via intelligent graphical user interface, predictive analysis, event playback, operational awareness, and more.
  • Control & Validation
  • Optimize Operations
  • Situational Awareness

ADMS - Advanced Distribution Management System

ETAP ADMS™ is a combined planning and operation solution to manage, control, visualize, and optimize electrical power distribution network.
  • Geospatial Information System (GIS)
  • Electrical Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Distribution Management System (DMS)
  • Outage Management System (OMS)

iCE™ - RTU, Programmable Controller Hardware

Learn about the ETAP’s latest Programmable Control and Remote Terminal Unit hardware integrated with Real-Time™ applications.
  • Utility Grade Substation & Feeder Automation
  • Integrated with ETAP Real-Time, ILS, DMS, eTraX
  • Fast Performance, Built-in Redundancy and Compliance
Intelligent load shedding

ILS™ - Intelligent Load Shedding System

Optimal and fast load shedding based on actual operating conditions of the system, including type and location of the disturbances.
  • Faster Predictive Load Shedding
  • Optimal Load Preservation
  • Intelligent Load Restoration
  • Smart Logic Validation

Microgrid Control System

ETAP Microgrid solution combines distributed energy technologies with an intelligent software to both monitor, predict, manage and optimize energy supply & demand for a small-scale energy system.
  • User-friendly controller design
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop validation
  • ETAP-in-the-loop situational intelligence
  • Control validation via real-time analysis