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Hands-on Experience with the Latest Innovations in Products & Engineering Solutions, from Design to Operation

Arc Flash Solution

Get a personalized demonstration of the latest all-in-one solution to improve arc flash safety, comply with the latest standards, minimize equipment damage, and validate mitigation techniques using ETAP Arc Flash for low to high voltage AC & DC systems.
  • ArcSafety™ – IEEE 1584-2018, NFPA 70E, Direct Current
  • ArcFault™ – High voltage, recommended for 15 kV and above
  • Result Analyzer – Multi-report and worst-case scenario evaluation
  • Integrated Calculators – Quick what-if assessment tool
  • Auto-Evaluation – Rule-based automated assessment of incident energy levels at different fault locations

Protection & Selectivity

Explore the comprehensive suite of solutions for steady-state and dynamic device coordination, protection, evaluation, and validation with powerful capabilities to troubleshoot false trips, protective device mis-operation, mis-coordination, and more.
  • StarZ – Advanced protective device analysis, Line protection, Distance relay
  • Star™ – Overcurrent protective device coordination and selectivity
  • Auto-Evaluation – Rule-based automated protection and coordination evaluation
  • Sequence-of-Operation – Virtual animation and verification of protective device operations
  • Unified Protection & Dynamic Stability – Simulate & verify protection settings, logics, and their dynamic interaction to ensure power system stability and grid code compliance

Centralized Protection Management System

Discover eProtect™ and get inspired with our new centralized web-based asset & protective device management solution, integrated with the full suite of ETAP model-based solutions.
  • Relay setting change management
  • Protection system maintenance plan
  • NERC compliance summary reporting
  • Automatic process and setting file generation
  • Device coordination software w/ Advanced Fault Analysis System
  • Multi-user environment for relay management
  • Relay settings tracking dashboard and notification

Renewable Energy | Energy Storage Systems

Learn about the latest features and innovation on energy storage systems and renewable power source analysis for accurate simulation, equipment sizing, grid interconnection studies and field verification of wind and solar farms.
  • Design and analyze solar farms and wind parks
  • Wind and PV integration study on transmission grid
  • Renewable impact on distribution grid as DERs
  • Interconnection study and grid code compliance
  • Energy storage device modeling and simulation
  • Integration with ETAP Power Plant and Microgrid hardware controllers

Distribution Network Analysis

Experience the breadth of etap DNA, full suite of distribution network planning an analysis applications, as an integrated analytical backbone of our ADMS solution with intelligent geospatial diagram and feeder network views.
  • Unified 5-wire AC, 3-wire DC, time series power flow
  • Unified 5-wire AC, 3-wire DC short circuit – ANSI, IEC, GOST
  • Low to high voltage arc flash
  • Dynamic simulation of protective devices – Overcurrent, Distance, etc.
  • Reliability, optimization and control
  • Hosting capacity analysis
  • Fault management and service restoration
  • Voltage stability assessment and indices

Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solution  
An integrated power system design and analysis platform with power monitoring and management suite of solutions, covering diverse applications like marine, railways, aerospace, electric vehicles, and more.
  • eTraX™ – A complete time-domain solution for co-simulation analysis and operation of AC & DC rail traction system for HV & LV railway systems
  • Marine, Offshore & Shipbuilding – operate and maintain ship, FPSO, offshore platforms, and port power systems safely, while improving critical uptime
  • Airports & Aerospace – simulate, analyze and operate airport and aerospace unified AC & DC power systems

Network Modeling & Project Management

Learn how you can improve and accelerate project delivery time with ETAP NetPM™ platform for collaborative engineering and management tools for data collection, modeling, design, validation, reporting, planning, operation, control, and more.
  • Simultaneous Multi-user Collaboration for design and operation of power systems
    • Project info, modeling, studies, scenarios, analysis, and reporting
  • NetPM Server – centralized project database
    • Data exchange management with user access control
  • etapAPP – Data collection
    • One-line diagram, Base and Revision data properties 
    • Geospatial diagram, info and properties

Model-Driven Electrical SCADA

Let our application engineers show you how model-driven eSCADA™ allows operators, engineers and managers access and visualize critical data  calculate trends, assess equipment health, gain full system visibility from sensor to enterprise level to maximize up-time.
  • HMI with intelligent graphical user interface
  • Geospatial and Network views
  • Customizable and templatized KPIs and dashboards
  • Encrypted blog-style operator notebooks

Power Management System

Learn how PSMS™ power management system can help protect people and assets, maximize business continuity and operational efficiency aligned with industry standards, custom reporting and cybersecurity practices.
  • Predictive Simulation – Anticipation and prediction analysis tools to improve and validate system planning and explore alternative “what if” actions
  • Event Playback – Root cause and effect analysis to recognize and correct potential or exposed operational problems
  • Forecasting – Uncover unused system capacity and avoid overbuilding or costly upgrades
  • EMS™ – Track usage, meet energy reduction targets, avoid penalties and create accountability

Operator Training Simulator

More than a power system simulator, eOTS™ utilizes the ETAP Digital Twin foundation to provide operators and engineering an effective learning environment to improve and augment their knowledge of the actual system. Operational insight and automation drives employee safety, productivity and efficiency, maximizing performance and minimizing risk. Gain understanding how model-driven dynamic stability based eOTS helps improve and develop operator competency through real-world or simulated learning.
  • Generator synchronization, load shedding, configuration and motor startup actions
  • Ad hoc and pre-defined evaluation scenarios
  • Dynamic stability analysis based validation of operator actions
  • Trainer-to-trainees learning environment
  • etap SIL™ – Software-in-the-loop technologies for system commissioning

Advanced Distribution Management System

A truly integrated Advanced Distribution Management System is one that consists of a common database with multiple visualization and supports a single platform for D-SCADA, Advanced DMS and OMS functions. See etap ADMS™ all-in-one solution integrated with etap iCE™ Intelligent Control Enterprise hardware platform that delivers reliability, productivity, and efficiency for an optimized grid.
  • GIS – Intelligent geospatial diagram
  • D-SCADA – Distribution SCADA
  • DNA – Distribution Network Applications
  • OMS – Outage Management System
  • MWFM – Mobile Workforce Management
  • FLISR – Fault Location, Isolation, Service Restoration
  • VVOC - Volt / Var Optimization and Control
  • SCADA & Control Hardware – RTU for HV/MV facilities, Substation Automation Controller, Communication Gateways, Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding Controller

Intelligent Load Shedding System

iLS™ model-driven software and hardware solution minimizes the effects of disturbances in your power systems by providing instantaneous optimal-load deduction for critical and noncritical events. Using actual operating conditions of the system, proactively identify best remedial actions based on static and dynamic system response to disturbances. Get a live demonstrations of etap faster than real-time load shedding solution featuring industry specific success stories.
  • Proactive model-driven load shedding
  • Fast optimal load preservation and restoration
  • Operation validation (static and dynamic analysis) for pre and post events
  • iLS Controller – Industry grade load shedding controller on iCE intelligent control enterprise platform

Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding

iDLS™ is software and hardware integrated model-driven solution that provides optimal relief from the effects of disturbances in your power systems. Based on real-time conditions and historical operations, it provides optimal load reduction to minimize reliability impact via automatic brownout management.
  • Predictive rule-based load preservation
  • Optimal load curtailment and restoration
  • Overload and undervoltage protection
  • iDLS Controller – Distributed control architecture on iCE intelligent control enterprise platform

Microgrid Energy Management System


Visit the etap Microgrid™ exhibit and see how our integrated model-driven design software and control hardware solution can help you develop, simulate, optimize, test, and deploy microgrid controllers. With intrinsic optimization capability and flexibility to fine-tune control logic for maximum system resiliency Microgrid EMS helps customers optimize their distributed energy resources and accelerate business performance.

  • Design, validate and deploy
  • Generation optimization
  • Islanding management
  • Demand side management
  • Energy storage and performance management
  • Generation and load forecasting
  • Microgrid Controller – Distributed and master microgrid controller on iCE intelligent control enterprise platform

Grid Compliance System

Power Plant Controller 
Grid Compliance System is a software and hardware based solution including ePPC™ Power Plant Controller. Power plant controller guarantees maximum yields and contributes to the stability of public utility grids. It meets the stability requirements of TSOs worldwide with its ability to regulate voltage, active and reactive power and more at the grid point of connection quickly and precisely. Get a preview of this advanced integrated solution powered by ETAP design and validation technologies.
  • Dynamic ramp rate control
  • Active power control and reserve management
  • Reactive power control
  • Curtailment and dynamic grid support
  • ePPC Controller – Power plant controller and grid coordinator
  • eTESLA™ – Grid compliance monitoring and dynamic system recorder