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6th Annual NUUG - June 19-21, 2006

The 6th annual ETAP Nuclear Utility User Conference (NUUC) was held June 19-21 at the ETAP Learning Center in Irvine, California with 29 ETAP users from 17 companies in attendance. The program included a variety of user presentations demonstrating ETAP success stories and best practices. Click here to view the program.

Jerry Nicely of TVA received The "Big Daddy" Award in appreciation for his contributions in starting the ETAP Nuclear Utility User Group which has developed into a successful annual conference with growing popularity.

Martin Nano of AREVA NP GmbH received the "Traveled the Farthest Distance" Award for traveling the farthest from Germany to attend the conference. Awards were presented by Doug Larson, NUUC Chairman, and Farrokh Shokooh, ETAP President and CEO.

The Agenda was as follows:

  • ETAP Enhancements
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Device Coordination - Star
  • Output Reports/Data Revision
  • DC Control System Diagram (CSD)
  • DC System Modeling & Analysis
  • DC Device Coordination
  • System Modeling
  • Quality Assurance
  • ETAP Future Enhancements
  • ETAP Nuclear Conference 2006
  • ETAP Nuclear Conference 2006