Network Planning & Optimization

Network Planning & Optimization

Geospatial & Schematic Driven Transmission Network Simulation, Analysis & Optimization
Network analysis includes a powerful set of analytical tools that allow for simulation, prediction, design and planning of transmission system behavior utilizing an intelligent one-line diagram and the flexibility of a multi-dimensional database. 

  • Grid Modeling & Visualization

    An integrated logical and geospatial foundation to model, configure, manage, and visualize electrical transmission networks.

  • Simulation & Analysis

    Integrated applications used by network planners and engineers for simulating and analyzing transmission power systems

  • Network Optimization

    Analysis modules for transmission network optimization

  • Dynamics & Transients

    Transient Stability, Generator Startup, WTG Analysis, User-Defined Dynamic Models, Parameter Estimation, EMTP software

  • Renewable Energy

    Design, analyze and operate green energy power systems

  • Overhead Transmission Lines

    ETAP overhead power transmission line software includes Line Constants, Derating and Sag & Tension analysis tools

  • Power Transformers

    Transformer analysis tools including transformer tap optimization and transformer sizing modules

  • Ground Grid Systems

    Fast, accurate design and analysis of ground grid system & earthing mat

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