Generation Management System

ETAP Generation Management System

Generation Management System

Balance Optimize Dispatch

ETAP Generation Management System is used to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of generation and transmission systems. GMS provides system balance and optimization changes to meet network security, economic, operational, regulation, and environmental requirements.

  • Monitoring & Simulation

    Powerful monitoring and analytical tools to predict system response.

  • Automatic Generation Control

    A multi-area supervisory control system to regulate generation levels

  • Reserve Management

    Monitor system operating capacity and dynamically calculate the system generation versus load forecast balance.

  • Economic Dispatch

    Allocate changing generation demand of a power system amongst controllable generator units.

  • Supervisory Control

    Apply objectives and constraints to achieve an optimal power system operation.

  • Interchange Scheduling

    Manage electrical transaction schedules and dispatches tradings that results from the buying and selling of energy.

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