Advanced Distribution Management System

Advanced Distribution Management System

Evolve your distribution system all the way to the customer edge
ETAP provides the necessary mission critical applications to efficiently, reliably and securely manage, control, visualize and optimize distribution networks via an integrated GIS, SCADA, DMS, DNA & OMS software solution.

Benefits & Value Proposition

  • Manage, control, visualize, optimize and automate distribution networks from state-wide to city-wide power distribution networks
  • Integrated platform for design and operations using a common model for planning & distribution management with a unified interface.
  • Integrates with ETAP Microgrid Energy Management Systems for customer edge or distributed energy resource control
  • System Operators, Dispatchers, Planning Engineers, Reliability Analysts and Managers have access to the same as-built and as-operated network representation
  • Situational Intelligence provides efficient and reliable grid analysis and management during rapidly changing network state.
  • Integrated advanced analytics including system protection, demand response, CVR, FLISR, outage management, load forecasting, unified AC & DC power flow, and renewable energy penetration
  • ETAP’s ownership of ADMS and automation technologies offers a fully integrated solution from a single vendor
  • Intelligent, intuitive & user-friendly graphical user interface based on modular state-of-the-art components using the latest hardware and software technology
  • Over 60 comprehensive analysis modules with integrated Real-Time solutions for Smart Grid & Microgrid

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