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Evaluation of Protection & Coordination using IEEE 1584-2018 Constant Incident Energy “C-Area” Plots

Nov 19, 2019
Houston, United States

The Houston ETAP User Group will meet at the offices of Bechtel in Houston, TX

User Group Description

Social: Introduction of the hosts and attendees, snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Presentation: Evaluation of Protection and Coordination using IEEE 1584-2018 Constant Incident Energy “C-Area” Plots

The new arc-flash model has five electrode configurations and several other input parameters to account for enclosure dimensions. The increased input parameter variability makes, has raised some industry concerns and makes it far more difficult to determine the worst-case incident energy. This presentation introduces a brand new  method for considering many input parameter variations during the protection and coordination study. This simplified arc-flash analysis technique allows for determination of the settings of overcurrent protective devices or selection of arc-rated PPE based on a reference incident energy C-area TCC plots. The C-area plots are created based on the equations of IEEE Std. 1584-2018, taking into consideration potential variation in the input parameters described in the standard.

The presentation covers:

  • Background on C-line and now C-area plots

  • Mathematical Derivation of the C-area plots

  • Typical Input Parameter Variations and their Sources

  • C-area plots  Types based on Fault Location

  • MV and LV Application Examples in ETAP

  • Ease of Use Arc-Flash Enhancements


In this presentation you will learn how to configure and apply C-area plots to reduce dozens of arc-flash scenarios during the protection and coordination settings evaluation stage. Also included, is an introduction to new ETAP 19.5 arc-flash “Ease-of-Use” features added to  increase and improve efficiency and arc-flash deliverables.

Open Discussion

Who should attend

This event is open to all engineers and managers who are interested in learning about the latest features and capabilities of ETAP. New and experienced ETAP users will gain valuable knowledge and be more productive with ETAP.


This event is free and registration is required. Seating is limited, please register early.


Bechtel Corporation
3000 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

Date & Time

Nov 19, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Snacks and refreshments will be provided.



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