Distribution Systems Analysis

4-Day Workshop
Jul 17 - 20, 2017
Irvine, United States
Fee: $2,200 2,000

Day Morning Afternoon

ETAP Distribution System Overview

Overview of Distribution Systems
ETAP Electrical Geo-Spatial View (EGV)
Transfer ESRI-ArcGIS Project Database to ETAP Distribution Model
Codes in ArcGIS
Junctions and Segments in EGV
How to Build a Distribution Model in ETAP

Geographical Information System Modeling & Tools

Primary & Secondary Networks
Distribution Devices
Device Warehouse & Library for Distribution Systems
Feeders in ETAP Distribution System
Tracing Feeders in EGV
Equivalent Networks & One Line View
Data Manager Features in ETAP Distribution System
Error Checking in EGV related to Primary - Secondary Networks

Distribution Load Flow Analysis

Overview of Balanced & Unbalanced Systems
Balanced Three Phase Power Flow & One Line View
Unbalanced Three Phase Power Flow & One Line View
Unbalanced Three Phase Power Flow & EGV
Open Phase Faults & Unbalanced Systems
Results, Alerts & Annotations

Distribution Short Circuit Analysis

Overview of Balanced & Unbalanced Short Circuit
Balanced Three Phase Short Circuit in One Line View
Unbalanced Single Phase Faults
Unbalanced Three Phase Faults
Unbalanced Three Phase Short Circuit in EGV
Series & Simultaneous Faults
Results, Alerts & Annotations

Protective Device Coordination / Selectivity

Data Requirements
Protection Equipment Library
Protection & Selectivity Concepts
Protective Device Arrangements
Time-Current Characteristics

Auto Evaluation of Protection & Selectivity Settings

Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Sequence-of-Operation Study
Study / Device Setting Reports Exercise
Auto Evaluation Concept & Application
Auto Evaluation Rule Book
Auto Evaluation of Protection & Coordination on Selected Zones
Errors, Alerts & Warnings

Switching Optimization Analysis

Introduction of Switching Optimization Study
Switchable and Fixed Devices 
Select Group(s)
Objectives and Constraints (alerts)
Result Viewer / Analyzer

Reliability Assessment in Distribution Systems

Reliability Principles
Reliability Analysis of Complex Network Configurations
Minimum Tie and Cut Sets
Continuous Markov Processes
State Space Concepts
Frequency and Duration Techniques
Customer Oriented Indices
Energy Indices
Customer Damage Functions
Reliability Assessment into Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
Quantitative Cost-vs-Reliability Trade-off Studies (IEEE Gold Book)

Workshop Description

  • The purpose of this introductory hands-on workshop is to learn how to apply power system engineering knowledge in the modeling & analysis using ETAP software extended to four days in order to cover various topics applicable to transmission & distribution networks.
  • This workshop covers a range of ETAP functionalities used to design & solve various practical problems. It focuses on how to design distribution networks utilizing geographical information systems in ETAP software in order to analyze the single-phase unbalanced networks, as well as three-phase systems.
  • In addition to the protection of equipment & auto evaluation of coordination, switching optimization in distribution systems, & reliability assessment, the modeling of the single-phase radial/non-radial systems & three-phase primary sub-transmission & transmission networks will be covered in this workshop.
  • An ETAP workstation is provided for each attendee.

Who should attend

  • New ETAP users and power engineers who wish to increase their skills using the ETAP application to perform system studies
  • Current users seeking a refresher course
  • Knowledge of power system engineering concepts is highly recommended for those attending this workshop


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3.2 CEUs available by completing this workshop.


ETAP Learning Center
17 Goodyear
Irvine, CA 92618

Date & Time

Jul 17 - 20, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Light breakfast snacks, beverages, and lunch are included with the registration fee.


All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees.
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