Transmission Systems

Transmission System Software

Integrated Transmission Network Planning, Protection & Energy Management Solution
ETAP Grid™ transmission system software integrates transmission network planning with detailed substation models, network topology processing, transmission system analysis, electric SCADA and real-time transmission network energy management system.
  • Network Planning Optimization

    Transmission System Planning Software

    Transmission power systems analysis, planning, and optimization software modules: power flow, optimal power flow, contingency analysis, EMTP, dynamic stability and more.

  • Safety & Protection

    Safety & Protection

    Integrated Protective Device Coordination & High-Voltage Arc Flash Calculation Analysis

  • Transmission Management System

    Transmission Management System

    Suite of advanced analytics used for situational awareness, visualization, control, and optimization of transmission, generation & sub-transmission systems.

  • Intelligent Substation Icon

    Substation Automation System (SAS)

    The brain of the substation that adapts and responds to dynamically changing system conditions

The intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, integrated with robust and proven design, analyses, and operation platform, provides a complete solution to transmission planners and operators.

Value Proposition

  • Reduced software maintenance costs by utilizing a single software - Eliminate the need to train, use, and maintain at least 5 other disparate and independent applications since ETAP provides all Transmission Network Applications (TNA) in one easy to use tool
  • Avoid the need to write scripts with built-in scenario, study, and project wizards
  • Improved power system life-cycle management - Network model can be easily synchronized between the planning and operational tools
  • No need transfer data using external files and reduced effort to maintain interoperability between multiple databases, especially in a multi-vendor environment
  • Reduced effort maintaining multiple databases