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ArcFault™ - High Voltage Arc Flash

Dec 8, 2017, 23:34 PM
Arcing Fault Hazard Evaluation for medium and high voltage systems
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High Voltage Arc Flash
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HV Arc Flash Analysis recommended for systems 15 kV and above
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High Voltage Arc Flash Software Key Features
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ArcFault Software Capabilities
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Fast & Efficient Arc Flash Software
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High Voltage Arc Flash Software | OSHA 1910.269 Appendix E | NESC | ETAP
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ETAP ArcFault™ analysis software is used for performing Arc Flash Analysis in compliance with OSHA’s requirements for electric transmission & distribution utilities and renewable energy power system, specifically for calculating arc fault incident energy for 15 kV and above.
The ArcFault analysis program allows the simulation of different types of faults in 3-phase and 1-phase systems without the need of externally calculating short circuit currents and protective device operation time. The program automatically determines the working distance and minimum approach distance based on the system voltage, transient overvoltage conditions, and altitude. 

ArcFault contains customizable calculation methods and equations allowing the user to account for future research on arc fault physical behavior.

ArcFault is fully integrated with Star™ protective device coordination module utilizing time-current characteristic (TCC) curves and short circuit calculations for arcing fault hazard evaluation.
  • Arc Flash Analysis recommended for systems from 15 kV and above
  • OSHA 1910.269 Appendix E
  • NESC
  • Model line-line & line-ground arc faults in open air
  • Model three-phase arc faults in open air
  • Extended IEEE 1584-2002 model for Arc-in-a-Box
  • Auto-gap, working distance & auto-selection of minimum approach distance
  • Applicable for systems 1 kV to 800 kV
  • 1-phase, 3-phase, & UPS arc flash hazard calculations
  • Arc flash in Enclosed & Open air equipment
  • Integrated with ETAP Short Circuit Analysis software
  • Integrated with ETAP Star protective device coordination software
  • Includes over 1000s of protective device libraries
  • Protective device sequence of operation for line-ground, line-line & three-phase arc faults
  • Arc Flash Hazard Safety Labels
  • Arc Flash Result Analyzer
  • Time Saving Resources
  • Mitigation technique modeling
  • PPE Requirements Approval
  • Conversion factors from High Voltage Arc Flash to Arc-in-a-Box
  • Current Limiting Fuse (CLF) modeling
  • Time varying fault clearing time calculation & short circuit current decay
  • Automatic or user-defined source protective device search algorithm option to simulate worse arc flash hazard conditions. Relay actions include 49, 50, 51, 67, 79, 87.
  • Extended search past the point of multiple upstream source
  • Perform arc flash analysis in Radial & multiple source systems
  • The arc flash analysis software allows the simulation of differential relays, maintenance mode switches, & arc flash photo-sensors
  • Alerts for personal protective equipment (PPE) ATPV rating violations (maximum allowable PPE arc rating alerts)
  • Comprehensive protective device library
  • Automatically determine the Arcing Fault Clearing Time
  • Instantly determine or user-define arc flash distance parameters 
  • Arc Flash software determines individual arcing current contributions
  • Altitude & transient over-voltage correction factors
  • The Automated Arc Flash Labeling Software generates arc flash labels for multiple locations
  • Run multiple arc flash calculations with one-click & analyze all of the different results in minutes
  • Define customized arc flash parameters and arc specs or use system-calculated results to determine the arc flash energy
  • Use the built-in Arc Flash Calculator for quick incident energy results and to perform quick “what if” scenarios in your arc flash study
  • ETAP 18.0
  • Transmission
  • Renewable Generation
  • Nuclear Generation
  • Network Analysis
  • Marine
  • Low Voltage
  • Industrial
  • Fossil Generation
  • eTraX - Rail Traction System
  • Distribution
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash
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  • Aerospace

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