Power System Monitoring & Simulation

Monitoring & Simulation

Analyze    Predict    Prevent
ETAP Power System Monitoring & Simulation (PSMS) is at the heart of the ETAP Real-Time power management system. Power System Monitoring & Simulation is the smart choice for both small and large electrical utility systems, generation plants, industrial sites, manufacturing facilities, and off-shore oil platforms.
  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Intuitive, intelligent, and integrated real-time monitoring via a state-of-the-art interface.

  • Predictive Simulation

    Predict system behavior in response to operator actions and events using real-time and archived data.

  • Event Playback

    Evaluate cause and effect investigations, system operations, alternative actions, and "What If" scenarios.

  • Energy Accounting

    Detailed energy consumption and cost analysis based on energy tariffs and power market exchange information.

  • Load Forecasting

    Predict and trend system loading based on algorithms that adaptively correlate input variables like weather conditions.

Monitoring & Simulation Key Benefits

  • Multi-console with multi-screen monitoring
  • Graphical monitoring via ETAP one-line diagram
  • Visual monitoring via Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
  • Alarm warnings with graphical interface
  • Alert of equipment out-of-range violations
  • Monitoring of electrical & non-electrical parameters
  • Pseudo measurements (override measured data)
  • OPC interface layer
  • User-access levels
  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • On-demand data retrieval
  • Data reconciliation & consistency check
  • Bad data detection & correction
  • Alarm management & processing
  • Energy cost monitoring & accounting
  • Real-time load forecasting & trending

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      This power management system can determine the appropriate system response to a variety of changes and disturbances by using electrical and physical parameters, loading and generation levels, network topology, and control logics. In addition, power system monitoring & simulation can determine the source of potential problems and advise on corrective actions to avoid interruptions.



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