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    • Model and analyze projects with multi-dimensional database and Study Wizards
    • Rule-based automation for one-line diagram creation and protective device evaluation
    • Powerful study result-analyzers to compare multiple scenarios at a glance
    • Single foundation and database with seamless operation
    • Real-Time predictive simulations for situational awareness and intelligence for operators and management
    • Integrated applications for designers, planners, engineers, operators and maintenance personnel
    • 50+ analysis modules with unique capabilities for engineering and construction savings
    • eSCADA for monitoring, historian, energy accounting, system behavior prediction, etc.
    • Real-time system management for control, optimization and automation
    • Mature, nuclear-grade quality assurance program based on international standards
    • Verified & Validated study results against hand calculations, field measurements, and industry standards.
    • Verified & Validated system performance and engineering libraries including cables, protective devices, renewable sources, dynamic models, etc.
    • Global support centers offer local support
    • Help Desk portal, email, and phone support
    • 100's of technical workshops, tutorials, seminars, webinars, user groups, etc.

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