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ETAP has been deployed at many government institutions and armed forces facilities. Our products are utilized in research and development for government and defense projects.

    Intelligent Situational Awareness

    The Government Institutions and its Armed Forces are most cognizant of the strategic importance of a healthy electric power system. These electrical systems play a vital role in government-based mission critical facilities and defense infrastructure.

    Designers and engineers working on these cutting-edge projects demand a software solution, which would enable them to conceptualize their model, simulate the integrity and security of the system, analyze the results with accurate reports and manage the electrical system with added real-time capability. 

    ETAP's power system analysis and operation platform provides the necessary design and operation intelligence and electrical network situational awareness solutions to meet the needs of government and armed forces.

    GSA Advantage

    ETAP has been awarded a United States General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract, GS-35F-0416T. The inclusion of ETAP as a GSA Schedule Vendor allows government customers to obtain special and approved pricing and license terms from a trusted vendor. To see ETAP products available under the GSA Schedule, please visit www.gsaadvantage.govand search for GSA Schedule contract number GS-35F-0416T.

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