Transmission & Distribution Protection

Transmission & Distribution Protection

Comprehensive Protection & Coordination Analysis Software

T&D System Protection Insight, System-Wide Coordination
StarZ™ transmission and distribution system protection & coordination software offers insight into troubleshooting false trips, protective device / relay mis-operation, and mis-coordination including: Distance, Overcurrent, Differential, Directional, Load Encroachment functions and more.
Transmission system one-line Diagram showing Distance relay protection
Transmission & distribution system protection software provides an intuitive and logical approach to R-X element characteristic analysis with features and capabilities such as an easy-to-use graphical user interface, accurate protective device modeling, relay and device settings report creation, and embedded power system analysis modules, all within an integrated, rule-based design.

Line Protection Software Key Features

  • Intuitive distance relay characteristic coordination
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • R-X Diagram, Impedance Characteristics, Seen / Measured Impedance
  • Distance relay settings verification
  • Transmission line protection
  • Accurate & realistic distance relay modeling
  • Troubleshooting false trips
  • Relay mis-operation & mis-coordination
  • Graphical tool for setting verification & protection coordination
  • State Plots to validate protective device settings & scheme logic
  • Protective Devices Sequence-of-Operation
  • Detailed distance relay modeling
  • Extensive relay model library
Distance relay characteristic plot

Line Protection Software Capabilities

  • Simulate the actual analog and digital I/Os
  • Detail graphical modeling of Protection & Control system (P&C)
  • Support Group Settings & relay scheme logic
  • Data communication between relays
  • Local & remote backup protection
  • Breaker Failure function & simulation
  • Time Distance Characteristic plots (TDC)
  • Time Distance Resistance Characteristic plots (TDRC)
  • Plot status of I/Os vs. a range of fault locations & resistances
  • Sliding fault, Single fault, Load flow, Line loading (Transmission Line Load-ability)
  • Protective Device Sequence-of-Operation
  • Fault insertion between CT, VTs and CBs
  • Support single-phase system & train applications
Distance Relay RX characteristic plot
Transmission system one-line diagram showing a double-bus configuration

The distance relay program provides the protection engineer the tools to examine the performance of  protective relay functions including: overcurrent, differential, distance, directional, load encroachments, scheme logic, analog / digital interfaces to instrument transformers, circuit breakers, isolator switches and other protective devices.

The innovative design of the impedance relay / distance relay protection module and library allows the user to access the relay settings and simulate the actual analog / digital interfaces, setting groups, relay logic and more.
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