From Modeling to Operation




ETAP is the global market and technology leader in electrical power system modeling, design, analysis, optimization, control, operation, and automation software.

The company has been powering success for nearly 30 years by providing the most comprehensive and widely-used enterprise solution for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage power systems.

ETAP software provides engineers, operators, and managers a platform for continuous functionality from modeling to operation. ETAP’s model-driven architecture enables ‘Faster than Real-Time’ operations - where data and analytics meet to provide predictive behavior, preemptive action, and situational intelligence to the owner-operator.

At ETAP, we harness the thinking power and the passion of our engineers, scientists, and industry experts to transform the spark of ideas into products that can fuel the global economy. More power system experts trust ETAP for their most demanding projects.

The Broadest Range of Industry Experience

  • Power systems engineering consulting
  • Process Industries: Oil and Gas, Chemical, Cement, Pulp & Paper
  • Power & Energy: Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Nuclear, Smart Grid, Microgrid
  • Industrial: Manufacturing, Transportation, Metals & Mining
  • Mission Critical: Data Centers, Operations Centers, Healthcare
  • Government & Education: City/State/Federal infrastructure, Defense (including Net Zero), Universities

More Expertise to Power Your Success

  • 50,000+ licenses sold in more 100 countries worldwide
  • 5,000+ companies, government agencies, education institutions use ETAP
  • 2,000+ man-years of electrical power systems expertise
  • 500+ sales and support representatives around the globe
  • 200+ employees worldwide
  • 100+ research, development and support engineers
  • 50+ office around the world
  • 70+ successful third-party QA audits by 10 different accreditations by leading standards bodies

Playing the Percentages

  • 100% of the Top 10 electrical design firms rely on ETAP (ECM Magazine)
  • 99% of users give ETAP the highest rating for software quality and technical support
  • 98% of customers report overall satisfaction and will continue to use ETAP
  • 95%+ of U.S. nuclear power plants have standardized on ETAP
  • 97% of customers recommend ETAP software
  • 95% of software features originate from user suggestions
  • 80% of Top 10 electrical design firms have multiple/corporate ETAP licenses
  • 75% of the company operating budget is dedicated to product Research & Development