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Transmission & Distribution (Overhead) Line
Impedance Constants Software


Transmission & Distribution Line (Overhead) Impedance Constants Analysis Software Line Editor ETAP

ETAP Transmission & Distribution Line Impedance Constants Analysis module with a user-friendly graphical interface displays the layout of circuit and ground wires for overhead lines. It is an easy to use tool for efficiently sizing existing transmission and distribution lines, designing new lines, verifying the parameters of existing lines, and providing calculated or user-defined impedances for network analysis.

Impedance Constants Analysis Software Key Features


  • Read overhead line conductor & ground wire data
  • Provide built-in line tower configurations in horizontal, vertical, or others.
  • Accepts generic line configuration in X, Y, & Z coordinates
  • Considers mutual coupling between multiple circuits
  • Calculate and display impedance matricides in phase & sequence domains
  • Handle transposed & untransposed overhead line configurations
  • Provide both short & long transmission line models
  • Handle multiple layer soil model
  • Accept calculated or user-defined line impedances