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Transformer Analysis Software

ETAP transformer analysis program enables users to apply the operating values from load flow calculations or use total connected load as represented in the one-line diagrams. ETAP transformer analysis tool contains the following studies:


ETAP Product Overview brochure - English
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Transformer Analysis Software Key Features

  • Operating load or connected load
  • Required size
  • One size larger & one size smaller
  • Rated & maximum MVA
  • Typical impedance values
  • Elevation & temperature factors
  • Limit short circuit current
  • Growth & load factors
  • Include optional load projection
  • Include optional spare loads


  • ANSI / IEEE - C57.116 – 1994
  • IEC - IEC 60076-2 – 1993
    Liquid-cooled power transformers
  • IEC - IEC 60726 – 1986
    Dry-type power transformers


  • Voltage varying generator power flows
  • Voltage varying transformer power flows


  • Generator Mvar output vs. system voltage

ETAP transformer assessment tool is a state-of-the-art computer program for all power transformer-related studies. With its vast application coverage going from transformer tap optimization analysis to transformer sizing analysis, ETAP transformer analysis module is a powerful and an extremely versatile tool for all users in power systems.