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Transformer Tap Optimization Software

Transformer Tap Optimization Analysis Software ETAP
The purpose of the ETAP Transformer Tap Optimization module is to optimize a step up generator unit transformer tap ratio based on ANSI/IEEE Standard C57.116 - 1989. This transformer optimization analysis module is used to determine the optimal transformer tap (turns ratio) so that the power transformer is capable of delivering the maximum Mvar output range within the expected system and generator operating voltage variation ranges. This transformer optimization analysis program can also be used to check the Mvar delivering range for a given transformer tap setting (turns ratio).

Transformer Tap Optimization Analysis Software Key Features

  • ANSI / IEEE C57.116 Standard
  • Optimize unit transformer turns ratio
  • Considers system voltage variation
  • Considers generation station auxiliary load
  • Generator reactive capacity vs. voltage plots
  • Primary & secondary lines/cables
  • Auxiliary connected loads
  • Local generation
  • Calculated Mvar delivery curve

Transformer Tap Optimization Analysis Software - Mvar Dellivery Curve ETAP
The Mvar Delivery Curve page displays the results of the Transformer Tap Optimization calculation in a graphical format. The plot depicts generator voltage vs. the generator reactive power output. This format is also called the generator reactive power (Mvar) delivery capability, because it shows the generator reactive power output range at the calculated transformer tap and system operating voltages. The plot below contains three delivery curves at three different system-operating voltages. The first voltage is the actual system rated voltage while the other two plots are based on the voltage variation (max and min) specified in the editor.