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ETAP Downloads

Below are downloadable files for your convenience. Click on the file to download (save) to your computer. Zip (.zip) files need a zip program to open. Installation files (.exe) must be installed after downloading the file to your computer.

Contact if you have any questions or problems downloading files.

ETAP Patch 11.1.1 Advance Release

ETAP Patch 11.1.1 Advance Release (ETAP-11-1-1-AR-Update-Patch.exe, 31 meg)

ETAP Library Update (July 2010)

This is an update to the ETAP 7.1.0 library. This library also includes all of the enhancements to ETAP 7.0.0 library.
Download ETAP Library Update Download the ETAP Library Update (1.55 MB - Zip)
TAP LIB 750 Library Addition List ETAP Library Addition List
Instructions on how to merge the update with the ETAP Library Instructions on how to merge the update with the ETAP Library

ETAP 5.5.6 Microsoft Vista Compatibility Upgrade (November 2008)

This upgrade makes ETAP 5.5.6 compatible with Microsoft Vista. This download is a Zip file and contains two files: 1) ETAP556UpgradeForVista.exe is an executable file to install the update 2) Installation Guide for ETAP 5.5.6 Vista Upgrade.doc is a Word doc with detailed information regarding the installation of this upgrade.
Download ETAP 5.5.6 Upgrade Download ETAP 5.5.6 Upgrade (12 MB)


WinZip software allows you to unzip compressed files within a file with the .zip extension.
Download WinZip Download WinZip

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is required to open PDF documents.
Download Acrobat Reader Download Adobe Acrobat Reader