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Switching Management Software - iSub™


Switching Management System Software - iSub | ETAP

Switching Sequence Management Safety & Security Procedures
Interlock Logic Evaluator Switching Plan Validation


Switching Management allows the dispatcher to build a complete switching program using a graphical user interface and execute the switching plan, all in one step. The switching sequence contains a list of switching devices and time of execution for circuit breakers, load disconnects, and ground disconnects. Before any switching sequence is executed, the application verifies whether the sequence is compliant with safety switching procedures and requests confirmation during execution of each step before proceeding to the next step in order to avoid inadvertent switching.

Switching plan may be configured for automatic transfer of bus loads on double-ended bus configurations thus replacing the step-by-step method of switching for double-ended bus configurations that require manual bus load transfer. Switching sequences can be ranked based on de-energized time, non-delivered energy, and the order of switching, allowing easy comparison between different variations of the plan.

Switching Management Software - iSub | ETAP
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Switching Management Software - iSub™ Key Features


  • User-friendly switching plan builder
  • Point & click selection of switching device from the one-line diagrams
  • Graphical display of selected switching devices
  • Multi-level switching request approval
  • Assignment of user-definable & interlock logic per each switching device
  • Checking of selected switching plans against forbidden or potentially hazardous actions
  • Unlimited switching plans each with an unlimited number of switching actions
  • Switching order reports include switching mode, start / stop time, & nature of work
  • Simulate & evaluate switching plans in all states prior to execution