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Volt / Var Optimization

Smart Grid Optimization - Volt / Var Optimization | ETAP
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Supervisory Control allows the operator to apply objectives and constraints to achieve an optimal operation of the system. In this mode, recommendations are implemented based on the predefined set of objectives. ETAP utilizes optimal power flow algorithms and user-defined logics to determine the best operating settings for the system. ETAP can advise the operator or automatically control the following equipment:

  • Generators
  • Capacitors
  • Transformer Tap Changers

Volt/Var Optimization is provided with the utilization of Optimal Power Flow (OPF) algorithms. OPF is an intelligent load flow that employs techniques to automatically adjust the power system control settings while simultaneously solving the load flows and optimizing operating conditions within specific constraints. Optimal Power Flow uses state-of-the-art techniques including an interior point method with barrier functions and infeasibility handling to achieve ultimate accuracy and flexibility in solving systems of any size.

  • Solve multiple objectives simultaneously
  • Use interior point method with barrier functions
  • Minimize active and reactive power losses
  • Active power optimization
  • Reactive power optimization
  • Optimal generation dispatch
  • Real power generation controls
  • Reactive power generation or generator voltage controls
  • Capacitor bank or SVC controls
  • Minimize system real & reactive power losses
  • Minimize generation fuel costs
  • Minimize system energy costs
  • Maximize system performance
  • Optimize power exchange with other systems (on-site generation, utilities, IPP’s, & power grids)
  • Minimize load shedding
  • Minimize generator fuel cost or heat rate with different cost models & fuel profiles
  • Control generator’s MW (governor) & MVAR
  • (AVR) settings within the specified limits
  • Control voltage regulators (transformer tap positions) within the specified limits
  • Size capacitors within the specified limits
  • Maximize voltage & flow security indices
  • Determine control settings