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Smart Grid Optimization - Switching Optimization

Due to the huge system size and larger number of components involved, optimization of electric power distribution system operations has always been a challenging task. Switching Optimization is a tool to automatically determine the optimal system configuration to achieve a single or multiple user-specified objectives. It provides optimal status of existing switching devices and suggests locations for new tie open points in the system. It can be used by the design or operation engineers to minimize system real losses and reduce or eliminate abnormal operating conditions.

This optimization tool can be applied on large scale distribution radial and lightly looped three-phase or single-phase systems. It is capable of considering a single load level, multiple load levels, as well as a user specified load profile. To help the operator to implement the optional configuration obtained by the program, it also suggests a sequence of switching device operations to transfer from the initial configuration to the optimal one to minimize the number of actions required.

The user-specifiable objectives include:

  • Minimize system real power losses
  • Minimize system overloading conditions
  • Minimize abnormal voltage conditions
  • Minimize service interruption frequency
  • Balance user specified feeder loads
  • Maximize feeder spare capacity