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Smart Grid Dispatching - Outage Management System (OMS) Interface

Smart Grid Dispatching - Outage Management System (OMS) Interface | ETAP
Prompt troubleshooting and power restoration after a storm or other outages is the performance benchmark of a utility. Outage Management System Software helps utility personnel (dispatchers and field crews) to quickly identify the cause of an outage and efficiently assign and coordinate the necessary resources to restore power or other services as quickly as possible.

ETAP Smart Grid is capable of interfacing to Outage Management or Trouble Call Management systems. The outage information is passed to the operator who can then evaluate possible switching sequences such that power may be restored without violating network operating conditions or safety procedures.

The interface also allows outage information to be processed by reliability assessment module which can then report well-established reliability criteria (e.g., SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI, etc.).