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Smart Grid Monitoring - Network Topology Builder

Network Topology Builder (NTB) is a user-friendly environment for creating and managing network databases used for schematic network visualization.

NTB offers a set of core tools, embedded analysis modules, and engineering libraries that allow you to create, configure, customize, and manage your smart grid model. Core tools allow you to quickly and easily integrate 3-phase and 1-phase network one-line diagrams with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation and grounding components.

NTB includes an intelligent one-line diagram, element editors, configuration manager, report manager, project and study wizards, multi-dimensional database, theme manager, data exchange, and user access management. Engineering libraries provide complete verified and validated data based on equipment manufacturer’s published data.

  • Built-in intelligent graphics
  • Network nesting
  • Integrated 1-Phase, 3-Phase, & DC systems
  • Integrated AC, DC, & grounding systems
  • Multiple generators & grid connections
  • Display results on one-line diagrams
  • Graphical undo / redo
  • User-defined symbol text
  • Voltage propagation
  • Graphical alignment tools
  • Group rotation of elements
  • Customizable font types, styles, & colors
  • Customizable display of ratings & results
  • Graphical display of equipment impedance & grounding
  • Graphical display of overstressed devices & alerts
  • Hide & show protective devices & grounding systems
  • Propagation of nominal & rated voltage
  • Propagation of phase connection
  • Text box editor with dynamic link to properties
  • OLE object & activeX control integration
  • Intelligent text box & hyperlink bookmarks
  • Customizable output reports via Crystal Reports®
  • Batch printing with view-dependent printer settings
  • User-friendly plotting