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Smart Grid Software - Emergency


  • Load Curtailment
    ETAP Smart Grid Solutions include Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS). ILS provides fast optimal load shedding for electrical disturbances and loss of generation.
  • Fault Detection
    ETAP Smart Grid offers an efficient tool for distribution system fault detection that informs the operator of a sustained fault in the network and displays the fault isolation steps taken by the system in order to clear that fault.
  • Fault Location
    The fault location tool in ETAP Smart Grid can provide operators with a better understanding as to the location of the fault such that the maintenance crew can be dispatched to restore service more efficiently rather than have the maintenance crew pinpoint the fault location by trial and error.
  • Service Restoration
    The Load Restoration application minimizes the duration of an outage following a disturbance by automatically restoring power to the available portions of the system while maintaining fault isolation without exceeding the capacities of alternate power sources and routes.