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Smart Grid Monitoring - Geographic Information System (GIS) Layer

Interface to GIS, AM / FM, & Mapping Systems

In today's environment, the need for effective asset management has become crucial for the electric utility industry. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have demonstrated themselves as a means of meeting this need and are not implemented as a standard component within enterprise wide information systems. These GIS systems not only provide geographical information, but also provide electrical network connectivity. To this end, many utilities consider the GIS systems as the "definitive" source database, acting as a common repository for all enterprise applications.

ETAP GIS provides an interface between the GIS system and Smart Grid Solution. Using GIS APIs, ETAP can display system maps and automatically generate electrical one-line diagrams with the corresponding geographical maps of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Electrical system data is synchronized from GIS into ETAP thereby maintaining the relationship between them.

The results are displayed on one-line diagrams and geographical maps providing a seamless view of the power system within ETAP.

Smart Grid GIS Map | ETAP
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Distribution Editor | ETAP
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