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Smart Grid - Distribution Short Circuit


Smart Grid - Distribution Short Circuit | ETAP
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Save hours of tedious hand calculations and take the guess work out of short circuit analysis by automating the process with multiple calculation and result analysis tools within ETAP. The Short Circuit module makes it easy to go from selecting elements from the comprehensive libraries of short circuit current ratings to performing dozens of different types of short circuit analysis with the purpose of finding the worst-case device duty. Built-in intelligence allows it to automatically apply all ANSI / IEEE or IEC factors and ratios required for high and low-voltage device duty evaluation.

Determine fault currents and automatically compare these values against manufacturer short circuit current ratings. Overstressed device alarms are automatically displayed on the one-line diagram and reports.

OTI closely monitors industry standards and OEM data to ensure ETAP is always up-to-date.

The Short Circuit module seamlessly integrates with device coordination and performs arc flash hazard calculations.