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ETAP Real-Time™ Video Presentations

These videos offer an overview of the features and capabilities of ETAP Real-Time software.
New videos are always being made and will be added to this page as they become available.

Video Presentations

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Real-Time Overview (4:42 minutes)

An overview of real-time power management systems using ETAP, a fully integrated suite of software products that provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization and automation, and real-time prediction applications.
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Real-Time Demonstration
(17:04 minutes)
A detailed demonstration of ETAP Real-Time.
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Power System Monitoring & Simulation (PSMS) (12:13 minutes)
An overview of PSMS capabilities including advanced monitoring, energy accounting, real-time simulation, event playback, and load forecasting.

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Energy Management System (EMS) (6:23 minutes)
Reduce energy consumption, increase electrical system reliability, improve equipment utilization, predict system performance as well as optimize energy usage. EMS includes automatic generation control, supervisory control, and interchange scheduling.
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Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS)
(4:32 minutes)
ILS provides optimal, fast load shedding based on actual operating condition of the system including type and location of the disturbances. ILS dynamically determines the best load shedding priority in a fraction of a second.
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Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) Demonstration (11:23 minutes)
A detailed demonstration of ETAP ILS.

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Intelligent Substation (iSub)
(5:28 minutes)

iSub is an integrated substation for new and retrofit installation powered by ETAP. iSub provides protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation solution.
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System Architecture (3:31 minutes)

ETAP Real-Time is a true client-server configuration with multi-redundant servers.
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Integration Services (0:40 minutes)

ETAP integrators provide turnkey solutions to tie your existing data acquisition system and metering equipment to ETAP Real-Time applications.