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Power Management System Software Overview

ETAP Power Management Software
ETAP Power Management Software optimizes the entire production process,
reduces losses, and increases profits.


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As the leading power system analysis platform for more than two decades, ETAP Real-Time offers more features and benefits than any other product of its kind. But the biggest benefit is the peace-of-mind of knowing that ETAP Real-Time’s unprecedented predictive analytics and simulation capabilities are at work around-the-clock, protecting you from power problems, even issues that are far in the future.

ETAP Real-Time is a suite of energy management tools that offers a fully integrated enterprise solution. Through continuous monitoring, simulation, and optimization of electrical, process, manufacturing, and management systems that are in place, this power management system software can maximize the entire production process, reduce losses, and increase profits.

Using a Power Management software allows the client to extend the traditional data acquisition systems to an intelligent power software solution for operators, dispatchers, engineers, and decision makers. Its modular applications can be tailored to fit the needs of each company, from small to large power systems. Industrial facilities, transmission and distribution companies, generation owners, and vertically integrated utilities can all benefit from the features and functionality of ETAP Real-Time which contains all the necessary applications of a complete Power Management Software.

ETAP’s robust and proven analysis algorithms combined with portable and flexible foundation provides a highly available Power Management system, comprehensive modeling environment, operator-friendly user interface, and state-of-the-art energy management applications.