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Power Management System Software ETAP Real-Time™
Realized Savings

Short-Term Savings

ETAP saves energy costs due to the overall system optimization and power loss reductions. Depending on the size of the facility, the expected average savings can be thousands of dollars per MVA of load per year. Savings can be considerably higher for systems that have abnormal losses, circulation power, or energy cost penalties. The informed decision-making is achieved through:

  • Prevention of human errors by predicting the system behavior based on the operator actions or disturbances
  • Increased system knowledge by utilizing up-to-date status of the system operating conditions

Short-term savings are also achieved by operators and engineers gaining experience with the power system operation and reaction.

Power Management System ETAP Real-Time™ - Realized Savings | ETAP
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Immediate & Sustainable Return on Investment

  • Reduce Energy Usage Ongoing savings on electricity costs
  • Optimize System Operation Significant savings on operation costs
  • Improve Power System Reliability Production savings on outages & downtime

Long-Term Savings

ETAP can provide a major reduction in the equipment capitalization cost by increasing equipment lifetime. Ongoing savings are achieved by continuously operating at a near-to-optimal condition and preventing possible system overload situations.

Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) will save you money by dynamically minimizing required load shedding, hence reducing system downtime. ETAP ILS load preservation system translates to savings of millions of dollars in lost revenues, equipment repairs, and penalties.