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Power Management System Software ETAP Real-Time™
Enterprise Solution

Power Management System ETAP Real-Time™ Enterprise Solution | A Fully Integrated Enterprise Solution For Electrical Power Systems | ETAP
ETAP Enterprise Solution for real-time power management systems is a fully-integrated suite of software applications that provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization, advanced automation, and predictive simulation.

As a component of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, ETAP optimizes the exchange of information between diverse tiers of an organization while channeling domain-sensitive information.

real time operations | ETAP


The ability to seamlessly integrate process information with electrical system constraints is essential to a reliable operation. Virtual testing of operator actions (predicting system response) prior to implementation can reveal potential problems, hence reducing human errors and the risk of service interruptions. ETAP assists operators in making informed and logical decisions to reduce operating costs and improve system reliability.

real time engineering | ETAP


As the world leader in power system engineering analysis tools, ETAP integrates with data acquisition devices to provide actual system operating condition for the purpose of real-time simulation. ETAP takes the guesswork out of system analysis.

real time financial | ETAP


ETAP interfaces with existing accounting and billing systems to provide up to the minute energy usage and fuel cost information while providing recommendation and prediction scenarios to minimize peak power consumption and eliminate tariff penalties.

real time maintenance | ETAP


Real-time maintenance alerts and assessments of system components ensures just-in-time predictive maintenance of critical plant equipment. Mean-time-to-repair and mean-time-to-failure rates are calculated to evaluate the network and equipment online reliability indices. This translates into cost reduction and prevention of expensive unplanned shutdowns.

real time planning | ETAP


System planners can improve performance of production scheduling thus increasing the system capacity using adaptive planning tools provided by ETAP’s trending and prediction functions.