Protective Device Coordination


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StarZ - Distance Relay Coordination Software

StarZ Impedance Diagram
StarZ Impedance Diagram

ETAP StarZ distance relay protection and coordination software offers insight into troubleshooting false trips, protective device mis-operation, and mis-coordination.

Distance relay coordination software offers an intuitive and logical approach to R-X element characteristic analysis with features and capabilities such as an easy-to-use graphical user interface, accurate protective device modeling, device settings report creation, and embedded analysis modules, all within an integrated, rule-based design.

The distance relay program provides the protection engineer the tools to examine the performance of distance relay settings, scheme logics, analog and digital interfaces to instrument transformers, circuit breakers, isolator switches and other protective devices.

The innovative design of the impedance relay protection module and library allows the user to access the relay settings and simulate the actual analog / digital interfaces, setting groups, relay logic and more.

Distance Relay Software Key Features

Protective Device State Plot
Protective Device State Plot
  • Intuitive distance relay characteristic coordination
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Accurate & realistic distance relay modeling
  • Troubleshooting false trips
  • Relay mis-operation & mis-coordination
  • Graphical tool for setting verification & protection coordination
  • State Plot to validate PD settings & scheme logic
  • PD Sequence-of-Operation
  • Detailed distance relay modeling
  • Extensive relay model library

Distance Relay Software Capabilities

Time Distance Coordination Diagram
Time Distance Coordination Diagram
  • Simulate the actual analog and digital I/Os
  • Detail graphical modeling of Protection & Control system (P&C)
  • Support Group Settings & relay scheme logic
  • Data communication between relays
  • Local & remote backup protection
  • Breaker Failure simulation
  • Time Distance Characteristic plots (TDC)
  • Plot status of I/Os vs. a range of fault locations & resistances
  • Sliding fault, Single fault, Load Flow (load encroachment)
  • Protective Device Sequence-of-Operation
  • Fault insertion between CT, VTs and CBs
  • Support single-phase system & train applications