Protective Device Coordination

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Selectivity Zone & Path Detection

ETAP Star protection and discrimination software includes coordination or selectivity path automatic path detection tools in order to quickly identify the paths that must be chosen to verify or establish protection and/or coordination within the electrical network. ETAP Star protection and coordination software also includes a protection zone viewer that automatically tags the elements within standard zones of protection and allows you to generate protection time current characteristic curves for the selected area with the press of a button.

Protection Zone Viewer

ETAP Star Protection Zone Viewer (Zone Viewer) provides the tool that defines a path and related zones of protections (RZOP) which will allow the user to create Star Views from the list of the detected RZOPs.

There are five types of zones:

  • Branch Zones
  • Bus Zones
  • Load Zones
  • Source Zones

Protection zone viewer will display the zones for the elements selected on the one-line and also allows for sorting and filtering the tree view.

Path Detection Tools

Path Detection Tools provide an easy way to automatically identify and define a protection / coordination path. Each path selection tool requires that elements be selected in order to determine the path. AC 3-phase or 1-phase elements can be selected on the OLV. Path detection tools include:

  • Extend to nearest source - Once an element is clicked, automatic path detection will extend the selected element to the nearest source
  • Shortest connecting path - Selects or highlights the shortest path between two elements
  • Extend path by bus level - Path shall be extended by a pre-defined number of bus levels in all directions