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Relay Test Set Interface

Protective Device Coordination - Relay Test Set Coordination Testing Software
Bridge Between Relay Testing Hardware &
Power System Simulation Technology

Advanced Relay Testing and Transient Simulator (ARTTS) interface provides the bridge between the relay-testing hardware and power system simulation technology. The ARTTS interface provide the means to obtain the actual operation of protective relays based on steady-state and dynamic transient waveforms and compares the captured relay response with that of manufacturer published curves.

Relay Test Set Interface Capabilities

Protective Device Coordination - Relay Test Set Coordination Testing Software Results
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  • Fully integrated protective relay historical testing & maintenance database with ETAP Star device coordination/selectivity
  • Export short circuit data, relays settings to relay test set
  • Plot device steady-state response
  • Compare relay response with manufacturer published data
  • Analyze deviation from nominal values
  • Display relay actual transient response
  • Analyze relay false trips & mis-operation
  • COMTRADE export of time domain fault currents & voltages
  • Interface with Megger® MPRT Protective Relay Test via AVTS software
  • Interface with ISA Test Set via TMDS software