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Time Current Characteristic Curve Plot Options & Reporting

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star TCC Curve Plot Options
Time Current Characteristic Curve Plot Options
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Star Plot Options

ETAP Star Protective Device Coordination software provides a Plot Options tool with all the necessary options to customize the display of the Time Current Characteristic Curve. Using Plot Options, it is possible to customize the display of the current and time axes, legend, grid, curve plotting colors and properties, and more. By setting default Plot Options a custom layout can be created without having to repeat the process for each Time Current Characteristic Curve.

Graphical Adjustment

Overcurrent Protective Device operating curves can be graphically adjusted in the Star View without requiring the respective property editor to be opened. Drag and drop handles are provided on the protective device characteristic curves to identify adjustable regions. Available ranges for a selected protection device curve can be displayed and identified by clicking the Hide/ Show Range button. The available ranges are grayed out when an adjustable overcurrent device curve is selected.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star TCC Curve Graphical Adjustment
Graphical Adjustment of Curves
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Multiple Motor Starting & Damage Curves

Motor starting curves based on rated values can be plotted in ETAP Star for the purpose of determining overload settings for motor protection devices. The effect of varying the constant terminal voltage can be analyzed by adjusting the voltage values at the motor terminal.

Starting curves obtained through Motor Starting Analysis Software can also be plotted in ETAP Star to give a more accurate presentation of the motor starting curve.

Stator and rotor damage curves can also be plotted giving a comprehensive view of the motor behavior and thermal limits. Stator curves can be plotted based on multiples of machine full-load amps or actual amp values.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Zoom to New Window
Zoom to New Window
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Time Current Characteristic Curve Analysis

Using the crosshair, time difference, and zoom, which are new window tools provided in ETAP Star, device curves can be analyzed to determine operating time margins.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Device Settings Report - Report Manager
Protective Device Setting Report: Customize tabulated
reports and export to Microsoft Excel

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Device Settings Report

ETAP Star Device Coordination Setting Reports Manager provides comprehensive and customizable device setting reports. The manager allows you to preview and print the protective device setting data, using the Crystal Reports® format or Microsoft Excel® format. Tabular protective device setting report can be generated and customized.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Customize Reports - Export to Microsoft Excel
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Intelligent Alert View

With ETAP protective device coordination software you can troubleshoot your device coordination and protection studies for any Star View Time Current Characteristic Curve. The Alert View button on the Star View provides a summary of alerts or messages (low priority alerts) that provides hints as to how and why a particular device curve is not being displayed or missing information regarding a device.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Alert View
Star Alert View
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