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Fully Integrated Module:
Arc Flash, Short Circuit, Motor Starting, and more

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Protective Device Coordination & Arc Flash Analysis
TCC & Arc Flash Results

ETAP Star overcurrent device protection and coordination evaluation software module is fully integrated into the ETAP software suite. Information sharing with other modules, such as arc flash and transient stability, allows ETAP Star to be a powerful protective device coordination analysis tool.

Integration of Arc Flash Analysis & Star View

ETAP Arc Flash is a fully integrated module that takes advantage of all the capabilities already built into Star. The arc flash analysis program calculates the individual arcing current contributions and by interfacing with the Star protective device coordination software, arc fault clearing times of all the protective devices involved in the arc fault are determined.

The calculated and allowable incident energy curves can be plotted in Star View as a function of time and current.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Motor Starting / Damage Curve
Motor Starting/ Damage Curve
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Multiple Motor Starting & Damage Curves

Motor starting curves based on rated values can be plotted in ETAP Star for the purpose of determining overload settings for motor protection devices. The effect of varying the constant terminal voltage can be analyzed by adjusting the voltage values at the motor terminal.

Starting curves obtained through Motor Starting Analysis Software can also be plotted in ETAP Star to give a more accurate presentation of the motor starting curve.

Stator and rotor damage curves can also be plotted giving a comprehensive view of the motor behavior and thermal limits. Stator curves can be plotted based on multiples of machine full-load amps or actual amp values.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Protective Devices
Panel Protective Devices

Panel System Protective Device

ETAP Star provides the capability to plot the Time-Current Characteristic (TCC) curves for the main disconnect circuit breaker or fuse of a panel, as well as, the branch circuit protective device curves.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Generator Decrement Curve
Generator Decrement Curve

Generator Decrement Curve

ETAP Star provides the capability of plotting the generator decrement curve and displaying both the symmetrical and asymmetrical decrement curves based on generator no-load or full-load conditions. Excitation system field forcing capability, used to speed up the response of the generator, is also considered when plotting the generator decrement curve.

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