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ETAP Star - Protective Device Coordination Software

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Protective Device Coordination / Selectivity Software
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ETAP Star overcurrent device protection and coordination evaluation software provides an intuitive and logical approach to Time-Current Characteristic (TCC) curve analysis with features and capabilities such as an easy-to-use graphical user interface, accurate protective device modeling, device settings report creation, extensive Verified & Validated (V&V) protection device library, and embedded analysis modules, all within an integrated, rule-based design.

Using intelligent one-line diagrams, comprehensive protective device libraries, and a three-dimensional database, ETAP Star offers insight into troubleshooting false trips, relay mis-operation, and mis-coordination.

Along with plotting protective device operating curves, ETAP Protective Device Coordination software provides tools capable of plotting the starting, inrush, and damage, curves for equipment like motors, transformers, generators, and cables. Offering insight into troubleshooting false trips, relay and breaker mis-operation, and mis-coordination.

Protective Device Coordination ETAP Star Protective Device Coordination Toolbar
Star View Toolbar

Protective Device Coordination Software Key Features

  • AC & DC Overcurrent protective device coordination & selectivity
  • Integrated database and embedded analysis capabilities
  • Graphically adjustable device settings
  • Equipment damage curve plotting
  • Sequence-of-operation fault analysis
  • Verified & validated protective device library
  • Relay test set interface

Protective Device Coordination Software Key Features

  • Enables coordination engineers to easily & efficiently perform an overcurrent protective device coordination study
  • Provide an accurate & realistic operating characteristic, time, & state of protective devices
  • Offers insight into troubleshooting false trips, relay mis-operation, & mis-coordination
  • Aids coordination engineers & planners to quickly realize possible design issues & make informed decisions

Protective Device Coordination Software Capabilities

  • AC & DC overcurrent device coordination analysis
  • ANSI & IEC coordination & protection standards
  • Relay & Breaker device coordination analysis
  • Phase & Ground overcurrent coordination evaluation modes
  • Graphically adjustable device settings and tools
  • Comprehensive verified and validated protective device libraries
  • One-line diagram integration
  • Automatic detection of protection zones
  • Protection & coordination zone viewer
  • Intelligent alert view for troubleshooting
  • Detailed device setting reports
  • Embedded short circuit analysis
  • Virtual animation of sequence-of-operation playback
  • Multi-axis time current curves
  • Adjustable magnifying-glass zoom view
  • Time difference calculator
  • Multi-function / level relays
  • Embedded motor acceleration analysis
  • Modeling of multi-function & multi-level relays
  • Normalized plots shifted based on fault contributions
  • Flexible user-definable display & plot options
  • Extensive damage curve modeling & plotting
  • Professional time-current characteristic plots
  • Built-in interface with relay test set

Device Coordination Tutorial Videos

Refer to the protective device coordination videos below to learn more about ETAP device coordination study program.

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ETAP Star - Device Coordination & Selectivity (64 minutes)

ETAP Star is a protective device coordination and sequence-of-operation analysis program with over 100,000 validated and verified device libraries.
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ETAP Star - Making a User Curve
(12 minutes)

There are cases when a user needs to draw specific curves onto a Star TCC presentation which is not included in the ETAP Star standard library. Applying ETAP "User Curve" is the solution
for that.
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ETAP ARTTS & Star Interface
(30 minutes)

ETAP ARTTS combines the short-circuit and protection device coordination capabilities of ETAP with relay testing hardware.