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Power System Simulation Software - PSMS™

Power System Simulation Software | ETAP

Simulate Circuit Breaker Operation Identify Potential Operating Problems
Simulate Motor Starting & Load Change Predict Operating Time of Protective Devices
Predict System Response Based on Operator Actions Perform “What If” Operating Scenarios
Simulate Real-Time & Archived Data Operator Assistance & Training

Online Predictive Simulation is a powerful analytical tool that allows for prediction of system behavior in response to operator actions and events via the use of real-time and archived data.

Simulation Modules for Online Analysis and Real-Time Predictive Solutions

Power System Simulation Software - PSMS Modules | ETAP
Predict System Behavior On-Demand
  • Load Flow
  • Motor Acceleration
  • Short-Circuit
  • Arc Flash
  • Device Coordination & Selectivity
  • Sequence-of-Operation
  • Harmonics
  • Transient Stability
  • Reliability Assessment

Predictive Simulation Key Features

  • Full spectrum AC & DC analyses
  • Emulate response of protective devices
  • Evaluate protection & control systems
  • Get online data on-demand
  • Retrieve archived data for system analysis
  • One-touch simulation
  • View & analyze initial & post-disturbance actions
  • Intelligent interactive graphical user interface
  • Online simulation alerts
  • Automatic scenario simulation using Project Wizard

Predictive Simulation Benefits

  • Accurate analysis with actual operating values
  • Virtual operation of power systems
  • Improve system planning & design
  • Recognize & correct potential hidden problems
  • Avoid “unforeseen” errors
  • Prevent system interruption
  • Determine under-utilization of system resources
  • Identify the cause of operation problems
  • Accelerate engineer & operator training
  • Reduce design & commissioning time
  • Design more efficient & reliable power systems
  • Virtual test of operator/controller actions
  • Validate system settings

Power System Simulation Software - PSMS Training | ETAP
Graphical Display of System Responses & Alerts
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Training Simulator

System operators and engineers must have instant access to online information and analysis tools that allow them to predict an outcome before system actions are taken. The ability to simulate the sequence-of-operation using real-time data is of fundamental importance. Real-time simulation can avoid inadvertent plant outages caused by human error, equipment overload, etc.

Real-time simulation provides an environment that is effective for operator training and assistance. Compared to traditional training methods, operator training is accelerated using dynamic graphical simulation of the power system. This makes training an ongoing process.

With Predictive Simulation, not only can you perform analysis using real-time system parameters, you can also simulate “what if” scenarios simply by taking action using the online system model. For example, using real-time data, the engineers can simulate the impact of starting a large motor without actually starting the motor. With minimal training, system operators can learn to use this valuable tool.