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Power Systems Historian Software - PSMS™


Power Systems Historian Software - PSMS | ETAP

Replay Archived Historian Data Investigate Cause & Effect
Explore Alternative Actions Replay “What If” Scenarios


Event Playback is especially useful for root cause and effect investigations, improvement of system operations, exploration of alternative actions, and replay of what-if scenarios. ETAP Event Playback capabilities translate into reduction of maintenance costs and prevention of costly shutdowns. ETAP can be configured to provide a complete picture of the electrical system from the stored data. This includes playback of a previously recorded monitored data, calculated system parameters, sequence of events, and message logs.

Event Log

Additionally, the event log can be synchronized and displayed while the playback is in progress. This allows the operator to determine, at a specific time, what events were occurring in the power system, what was being reported to the operator, and what operator action resulted, if any.

Power Systems Historian Software - PSMS Event Playback | ETAP
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Playback Historian

The Event Playback mode provides seamless retrieval of data from the ETAP historian for any events from any ETAP console. The playback data is stored in an ODBC/SQL database and can be transferred to any user with the appropriate authorization.

Playback Console

The system operator can control playbacks to re-run at original or accelerated speeds, single-step, fast-forward, or rewind through the message log. Playback resolution is operator controlled and determined by the scan rate of field devices. Since full simulation capabilities are available to the system operator at any point during the replay, the operator can explore the effects of alternative actions at any point of recorded data.

Information Storage & Retrieval (ISR)

In addition to the sequence of events playback historian, ETAP data historian also includes a SQL based raw data processing and archiving system that not only records power data but can also compute energy information as well as store non-electrical data. Information Storage and Retrieval also includes automatic data handling, export to MS Excel, and customizable reporting functionality.