partner overview

Partner Overview

Join our community of ETAP customers and partners working together to provide superior electrical engineering software and services. As an ETAP partner, we will collaborate together to deliver industry leading solutions for ETAP customers. Your portfolio of experience and our world-leading software will be a powerful partnership of electrical engineering quality and best practices.

ETAP Solution Providers  

ETAP Solution Providers deliver power systems design studies, and consulting services. ETAP Solution Providers are carefully-selected firms with personnel who have the skills, knowledge and resources to provide outstanding engineering solutions using ETAP. Using ETAP our partners perform various studies such as AF studies, coordination studies, etc. All ETAP Solution Providers employ personnel who have successfully completed ETAP training.

Clients who select ETAP Solution Providers can feel confident that these companies can provide comprehensive solutions for clients from concept to installation.

ETAP Systems Integrators   ETAP Systems Integrators provide design, installation and implementation primarily to ETAP Real-Time™ power management systems and energy management systems. ETAP integrators provide solutions to integrate data acquisition systems and metering equipment to ETAP Real-Time applications.

ETAP Clients are assured maximum functionality and capabilities of ETAP software are delivered in the same high quality fashion as ETAP’s software QA standards.

Partner Application Form

Within the program there are three levels:

Registered Partner
This is an initial level for companies that have at least two years working experience with ETAP and are looking to expand their competencies. We will be requiring them to take certain training courses and will work closely with them on sales and marketing.

Select Partner
This level is for more experienced companies that have been working with ETAP solutions for at least five years. Their training is more extensive and they have the ability to provide solutions or integrated systems with minimal OTI assistance.

Preferred Partner
This is the highest level of partnership and is reserved for the most experienced and knowledgeable companies closely aligned with ETAP solutions.

If you have questions about this ETAP program, please contact