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ETAP Product Overview brochure - English
ETAP Overview
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Developed for electrical designers and engineers, the Panel Systems module combines a graphical user interface and the intelligence of ETAP to easily design and analyze low voltage distribution systems.

Coupled with exclusive features and advanced capabilities, Panel Systems is a quality tool you would only expect from the leader in power system analysis software.

Panel Systems Analysis Software - Panel Schedule ETAP
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Panel System Key Features


  • Intelligent panel design & analysis
  • 3-phase (3W & 4W) networks
  • 1-phase (2W & 3W) networks
  • 1-phase (A, B, C, AB, BC, CA, & 3W) networks
  • ANSI & IEC Standards
  • NEC load factors
  • Load flow with graphical per phase display
  • Automatic device duty evaluation & alerts
  • Automatic updating of upstream panels
  • Export panel schedules to Excel®
  • Panel schedule with internal & external feeders & loads


Panel Systems Analysis Software - Design & Analysis ETAP
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Panel System Standards


  • ANSI
  • IEC
  • NEC


Panel System Capabilities


  • Column & standard layouts
  • Unlimited branch circuits
  • Unlimited sub-panel connections
  • External network representation
  • Internal (spreadsheet) load modeling
  • Intelligent panel calculations
  • Detailed panel loading summary
  • Dynamic panel schedule updates
  • Continuous & non-continuous load calculations


1-Phase Load Flow


  • Model 1-Phase (2W & 3W) networks
  • Load flow with graphical per phase display


1-Phase Short Circuit


  • Model 1-Phase (A, B, C, AB, BC, CA, & 3W) networks
  • Automatic device evaluation & alerts


Phase & Wire


  • 3-Phase 3 Wire
  • 3-Phase 4 Wire
  • 1-Phase 2 Wire
  • 1-Phase 3 Wire


Panel Code Factors


  • NEC load demand factors
  • Customizable multiplying factors


Flexible Operation


  • Diverse operating conditions
  • Multiple loading categories
  • Multiple demand factors
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Different nameplate data
  • Global & individual bus load diversity factors




  • Extensive protection & control device libraries
  • Comprehensive feeder & cable libraries
  • Customizable libraries
  • User-configurable defaults & layouts




  • Customizable panel schedules in Crystal Reports® format
  • Comprehensive load summary for panel sizing
  • Customizable reports for branch circuit evaluation
  • Export one-line diagrams with results to third party CAD systems


Study Options


  • Ten loading categories per circuit
  • User-definable load types & factors

Panel Systems are an integral part of ETAP. They are used for representing power and lighting panels in electrical systems. ETAP provides a comprehensive model for designing and scheduling AC panel systems including 3-Phase and 1-Phase panels.

A panel is a collection of branch circuits feeding system loads. ETAP supports an unlimited number of circuits within a panel. A branch circuit in a panel is modeled with complete details, which includes connected load information, protective device ratings, and feeder data. The ETAP panel model is supported by comprehensive breaker, fuse, and cable libraries. Default and typical data are provided to save you time and money when designing and scheduling panels. ETAP allows you to graphically connect subpanels to upstream panels. There is no limit to the number of subpanels you can connect.

The Panel Schedule Editor provides a user-friendly graphical interface with a lot of suitable default values and built-in electrical intelligence. The panel schedule fields are designed in a manner to minimize data entry errors, while eliminating the repetitive task in completing panel schedules.