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Motor Acceleration Module

ETAP Motor Starting Analysis Software Motor Starting / Acceleration Software
Accelerate Multiple Motors: Multiple Motor
Starting Using Unlimited Sequence of Events

ETAP Motor Acceleration module enables engineers to calculate motor acceleration time and the voltage impact of motor starting on electrical power systems. The module fully capable of starting individual motors or transitioning an entire electrical power system to another state.


Motor Starting Software Key Features

  • Dynamic motor acceleration
  • Static motor starting
  • Voltage flicker
  • Motor & load dynamic models
  • Conventional reduced voltage starters & soft starting devices
  • Multi-sequence starting
  • Load & generation transitioning
  • Motor operated valve (MOV) simulation
  • Dynamic motor starting using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Comprehensive alert & warning
ETAP Motor Starting Analysis Software Motor Starting Time Slider
Motor Starting Analysis Time Slider:
Using View Time Domain Results Graphically


Motor Starting Software Capabilities

  • Accelerate / stop multiple motors
  • Dynamically model motors & loads
  • Create unlimited sequence of events
  • Voltage impact of motor starting
  • Compare the response from various motor starters
  • Simulate load ramping of starting motor
  • Transition loading of entire system
  • Vary generator / grid operating parameters
  • Visualize results with extensive alerts & warnings
  • Simulate transformer LTCs / voltage regulators
  • Simulate MOVs with five operating stages
  • Simulate VFD frequency control motor starting